The walking pace where you become man



Inside our house

Charging at the light of day

I remember a young soldier

Fighting creatures filling large rooms


Narrowing down the sides

Of a black pearl plank

Emblazoned young blood wearing cowboy boots

Coat of arms afire in your eyes


I have loved those eyes

Where the sacred heart of victory

Screamed o’er fearsome foe

Trampling their winsome banners underfoot


Winnowing the war

Sheathing the spoils

Courage, faithfulness and honor

Trilogies you set before us nightly, like pheasants at dinner


While crepe myrtles swung their spindly arms

Small hands never letting go of

Woodland’s invisible ship

Or the brother’s code that brought you among friends


This country stood waiting

For you, the day of your arrival,

to walk its land

Head held high in wonder and awe


Waking you took it in

And bravely accepted

The challenge for a new path along

The fields of your life


Walking you defended youth’s spirit land

With wholesome pride and handsome strength

To arrive this day, to a new country,

Where you walk the pace toward becoming a young man


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