In between

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Somewhere between candor and clarity I stand

Somewhere between never-ending and arrived is the plan


As waiting gets old I get sold

On the idea that my pants are getting shorter…

Or is it that I am becoming fatter? Who knows…


Somewhere between my 40s and 50s I slither

Somewhere in this decade I’m supposed to wither


For my energy gets slower

Because my muffin tops get rounder

And I no longer hold in my pee on the trampoline


Yes, somewhere between candor and clarity I see

Somewhere in this place, politely called “in between”


Where my snoring gets louder

And my skin jiggles like clam chowder

While insanity talks copiously in my dreams


At 9 o’clock I hit the hay

Due to 2 ghastly low grand jetés

Oh, where is youth’s esteem?


So, sit I here

Contemplation becoming most clearly

The common act in between candor and clarity


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