Meadow Stones

meadow stones_2

Dawn’s frost kisses wooden planks, afloat, with pellucid sparkle

Distinguishable, unblemished prints

Marks a journey—

Evidence left behind

of a dog and her girl


Down the path, lakeside,

Followed by nature’s shallow breath

Clouds bid farewell to

Trees much more than trimmed,

All but capsized in death


As morning’s shadows

offer mid-stern  diagonals

perched across the earth

(like brown thrasher’s tail arrested on river’s birch)

Their twin’s light is cast,

Sun aground

Pointing out meadow stones,

providential gifts, smooth and round


Moments of wonder cause my wired stares

Inside tiny cragged


These crystalline spheres

narrate boldly

stone’s torrid earthly affairs


One after one, glossy among the alabaster dirt,

offers a belly up


pretty by the rain and wind

One by one, tucked away tightly inside

My pocket’s warm and velvety skin


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