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I wrote this recently about (for) our daughter who is growing up and discovering fully who she is. As she stumbles through these young adult years she will make mistakes but she will hopefully discover that she is well with herself. And as she awakens to all she is fully becoming, I am discovering that I am well with her, too.
For all of us helping to grow up the young girls in our lives (whether entering middle school or leaving home for college), this song speaks to the discovery these young lives make as they travel their unique paths.


Who am I to question how she is

Who am I to say I know best

In all these days

And craziness

It’s hard to find rest


As she’s shedding her skin

Becoming within

Who she’s meant to be

Oh, Oh


How am I to count our time

Her future’s so bright

In all her ways

Though she strays

She’ll always be mine


She’s shedding her skin

Finding within

That’s she’s wide awake

She’s wide awake

She’s wide awake

Oo, oh, ooo, oh

And she is well, she is well



She’s shedding her skin

She knows deep within that

She’s wide awake

She’s wild awake

And she is well


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