Unorthodox hearts


Listen to poem here

If we grow

In time

Not a shallow root

Untouched by the sun’s brilliance

But a friendly hook beneath

The crook of our smiles


If we harken to

A new song

Not a trumped up tune

Untouched by temptation or trial

But a bridge connecting mortal souls

If in time we sing strong


And if we run

A race

Of love, not a weekend goal

Untouched by weariness

But a call to peak performance—

Enduring endurance— if we run it well


Would we then

Foster hidden charms

Cascading hearts

Of charity and honor

Each seeking the other

Upon humanity’s collar


Would we score consecutive goals

On empathetic soil,

All the while soaring above

The tympanic shores

We’d outstretch our hands


To miracles and masterful struggles

Digging a groove upbeat,

Where peace like a river flows

Running for home,

Brocading the ground beneath our feet


For what might become

Fall’s crisp call

The whitening of old winter’s coat

Or the harvester of spring’s flowers

Blowing softly

Forever in tune

Would be the beat of our unorthodox hearts






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