The Phone Machine War and Girls

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So take that, you

Phone in your hand

That, that one thing of high demand

Take it, and rescue yourself


Didn’t you hear

That thing has no fear

It will eat you, eat you alive

Flesh out your ears


And toss out


That you control it

If that ain’t real— Not so


But bring it close

And tell yourself—

I am, I can

Recognize the truth, the deceptions it hides

This day this time

It’s way, way too easily led blind


But what you are


What you become


Alive, inside

You are not that mute square

Of inorganic chip

Gluing its addictions

To your tiny fingertip


Instead pull from what ground

You grew

Family, faith and love

Diligent life and trust

To these things

Forever, sisters, do pledge


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