It’s the kind of day I imagine it’s like every day in the 100-acre wood. The brilliant sun shines in its sky while billowy clouds barrel over themselves like waves in the Pacific Ocean. The sky is in motion. I am twelve minus four years old, stretched out like a starfish on the trampoline in our backyard. I am thinking, something that will become one of my favorite adult-life things. More precisely, I’m using my mind as creativity’s sling and the sun-bleached clouds are its cocooned baby.

The stories I create while tunneling my eyes upward are life-giving. They satisfy my soul because their images are dreamed up by me— they are my cloud stories. And they bring a sense of peaceful satisfaction during my midday renewal.  From Saber tooth tigers to wisp-tailed castles, every cloud contains an X over which I’ve written my name to signify they are part of my story on this perfect day.

Fast forward.

I am eight plus four years old and my fascination with creativity has pushed its way along some tree’s belly which has been hewn, cooked into a paste, dried, cut and bound together into a small book with an ornate cover. Journaling: an activity I still practice today as a way to recapture certain periods of life. Journaling is a way to remember not only the outside details of events but its handshake of inner emotions whose strength even of certain smells can cause recall of events over 20 years ago. We are truly magical creatures, no?

This blog is my version of cloud (creative) journaling (writing): a repository of creations that may range from poetry, recorded songs, and images to short essays of diurnal thoughts meant to be shared. Like the meteorological nature of cloud formations that is constantly changing through low and high pressure systems, this site contains a variety of ever-changing creations. From journal poetry to singing, I hope it captures a sense of purposeful outcome to creativity. Every-day reflection is a part of life’s meaning, and I hope this site becomes a place where the product of creativity captures moments of everyday life.


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