Mixing color

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If our hearts were forged anew by all these funerary fires, burning away tough realities

If only light would render us right with love for each and every one


If the flames were to scorch our shame, until what is left remains together-

A beautiful reflection of soldered pieces of color


The searing would singe us newer, cleaner, more clever

And our mournful dirge would end its musical score with no more edits


It doesn’t make perfect sense… but it might. Like a bee flying, on and on it might go, defying nature and her laws.


We should defy our nature.


We should allow this inconsolable pain to change the boundaries on unity, let hope stretch out her hands and cradle each of us in a land where we choose, carelessly and carefully, to flout opinions of what we think toward another.


Starting forward.


We can try differently.


There are 365 days, and 365 new chances. (Each heart a part to play in mixing the colors.)




Listen to song here

Sit down before me, and rest

Hide in my shadows, and rest


You have nothing to hide

I will give you peace, and rest


Sit at my feet, and rest

Feel angel’s wings, and rest


You have nothing to fear

I will keep you near

So rest


Rest in Me

My beloved

Rest in Me


Rest in Me

My beloved



Bring forth My bread, and rest

Lift up your head, and rest


I am mightier than all

So keep to me close in rest


Rest in Me

My beloved

Rest in Me


Rest in Me

My beloved



Won’t you rest in Me


Won’t you rest in Me



Meadow Stones

meadow stones_2

Dawn’s frost kisses wooden planks, afloat, with pellucid sparkle

Distinguishable, unblemished prints

Marks a journey—

Evidence left behind

of a dog and her girl


Down the path, lakeside,

Followed by nature’s shallow breath

Clouds bid farewell to

Trees much more than trimmed,

All but capsized in death


As morning’s shadows

offer mid-stern  diagonals

perched across the earth

(like brown thrasher’s tail arrested on river’s birch)

Their twin’s light is cast,

Sun aground

Pointing out meadow stones,

providential gifts, smooth and round


Moments of wonder cause my wired stares

Inside tiny cragged


These crystalline spheres

narrate boldly

stone’s torrid earthly affairs


One after one, glossy among the alabaster dirt,

offers a belly up


pretty by the rain and wind

One by one, tucked away tightly inside

My pocket’s warm and velvety skin

The Amen prayer

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Amen: “Amen” is a Hebrew word that stems from the word aman, which means “to be faithful, support, or confirm.” The word “amen” actually means, “so be it,” or “truly.”


Because it is so:

You have lead me through the desert;

You have given me your comfort;

You have delivered me from my enemies;

I am called your child; amen.


You confirm to me:

Be free from worry;

Be free from discontentment;

Be all that I have called you into existence;

Be mine alone; amen.


I say truly:

You are my vision;

You are heart of my own heart;

You are my inheritance;

You and you only; amen.




Loyalty’s law


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What is death, but Heaven’s sigh before gently closing her eyes?

And what is grief, but that which Heaven reveals?


The two —death with grief— are merely a quick scribble, one hurried stroke,

But faithfulness lays claim in the heart and is to be held close


As are its accompanying friends









For loyalty’s law is soft, and like a falling snow

It touches every inch of a fallow soul



If it be, love

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The loving well is deep

Forever it brings

Beauty in colored hues


Compassions  afire

Taming our flaws, continually,

With the strength she imbues


Etched grace on gilded wings

Angelic love withstands

Countless craven winds offer’d circumstance


And keeping holiness’ sleep

Sweetly sweet

Whereupon the cardinal’s breast stoops


She breathes on faces underneath

Fearfully and carefully

One courageous rule:


If it be, love

If it be, love

If it be, love


One, two, together

little but fierce
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Hey little fighter

C’mon, get up

I know it’s hard after falling down

But we have to


Keep Going


Hey little fighter

You’ve done well

So well through this all

So stand tall, very tall


Again and again


Little fighter

The bright side is getting brighter

One, two, together

We’re almost there


So near


Little trooper

Your strong is greater

Sweeter, and more special

Than you will ever




So, let’s get up

C’mon, one more round

You’re sure to stand

This time solid ground


Is coming!